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Spotlight on Oracle 10.9 - Getting Started Guide

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Chart Properties - Chart Page

You can edit the visual properties of the charts displayed in Spotlight.

To set chart properties

  1. Right-click the chart and select Properties | Chart.
  2. Configure as appropriate:

    Option Description
    Name Select the chart to configure. Applicable when the chart name is selectable.

    Chart style

    Select a style for the chart.


    • You can use a Summary chart to view the statistics on how the charted data varies over time, including details on average, maximum, and minimum values. The percentile range (10% to 90%) shows the spread that contains 80% of all values in the chart.
    • You can use a Histogram to sort data into ranges of values. The horizontal axis shows the distribution of data across those ranges. The vertical axis shows the number of items in each range. (A current data histogram displays the most recent data collected; a trend histogram displays an average of the data collected over the available history of the chart.)
    • Any charts under the Other views heading (as in the Sample item here) are specific to individual Spotlight applications.
    • Some charts that show task or status data may be drawn as Gantt charts. These are custom-coded charts and cannot be displayed in other styles.

    Arrange by

    Applicable when the Chart style is set to Bar or Pie.

    • Select to arrange the data in Name or Value order.

    Include legend in chart

    Select to show the legend associated with the chart. Not all charts have a legend.

    Series are stacked

    Applicable when the Chart style is set to Area.

    • Select to plot the cumulative values of the different series.
    • Clear to superimpose the different series on the same set of axes.

    Manual scaling
    Minimum value
    Maximum value

    Select Manual Scaling to set the scaling factor for the chart in the Minimum value and Maximum value fields.

    Clear Manual Scaling to accept Spotlight's default scaling of the chart.


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