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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Release Notes

MySQL Connection Details

Field Description
Connection name

This is the display name for the connection in Spotlight.

Tip: Fill in the Host field first.

MySQL connection details

Field Description
Host Enter the name of the host machine for the MySQL database.

Enter the user name to login to the MySQL database.


Enter the password to login to the MySQL database.

Port Enter the port used for the Spotlight on MySQL connection. The default value is 3306.
Database Select the name of the database that you wish to connect to.

OS Connection Details

Field Description
Monitor OS

Select to monitor the operating system on the database server.

Tip: Clear this option if the database is running on an operating system that is NOT supported by Spotlight on MySQL. If you leave this option checked and Spotlight on MySQL is unable to collect statistics from the server operating system, you may experience errors.


Enter the address of the host machine for the MySQL database.

OS Type

Select the type of operating system.

  • Windows
  • Unix(REXEC)
  • Unix(SSH)

If you select one of the Unix systems, make sure the SSH or REXEC daemon is running on the database server and is configured to receive remote connections.

SSH Port

Enter the port number for SSH (secure shell) connection to the database server. The default value is 22.

Note: Applicable when OS Type is Unix(SSH).


Type the user name to login to the database server.

Note: When OS Type is Windows:

  • Not required if your login details have been assigned remote access to the registry of the database server.
  • Ensure the user has access to the registry of the server.


Type the user password to login to the database server (if required).

Click Save password details (for this connection) to save all the entered password details.


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