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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Getting Started Guide

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You will not always have the Spotlight console open in front of you while Spotlight is diagnosing the performance of your connections. In this situation, you can set up Spotlight to continuously oversee the status of all your connections, and to alert you whenever important alarms require your attention.

To set notification options

  1. Select View | Options.
  2. Select Alarms and Notifications | Taskbar.
  3. Change the available options to specify Spotlight's notification behavior.



    Show the Spotlight icon in the task bar notification area.

    Select this option to display a Spotlight icon in the System Tray area of your Windows task bar. The icon has the following properties:

    • Its color reflects the highest-severity alarm raised by a current connection.
    • Double-clicking the icon restores the Spotlight console (if minimized).

    Note: You can also employ a floating Connection status bar to display the status of all current Spotlight connections. Connection Status bar

    Pop up an alert where the severity is...

    Select this option to enable the Spotlight icon to display an appropriate text message when the status of the current Spotlight connection reaches or exceeds the severity chosen in the associated drop-down list. Use the drop-down list to choose the threshold that will trigger the message.

    Note: The Spotlight icon in the Windows system tray displays the highest-severity alarm currently triggered for the corresponding connection.

    Do not show alerts if Spotlight is the active window.

    Select this option if you are currently using Spotlight, and do not want to be notified of new alarms that may already be visible.


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