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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Getting Started Guide

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SQL Criteria Wizard (Standard)

Use the SQL Criteria Wizard to select, retrieve and sort the SQL statements that are consuming the most system resources for the current connection.

Fields on the SQL Criteria Wizard (Standard) Dialog

Specify the SQL criteria to populate the Top SQL page.

Field Description


Select the column in the V$SQL table on which SQL criteria are to be based.

Per Execution

Select this option to display the chosen statistic as a rate per execution of the SQL statement.


The logical operator (less than, equal to, or greater than) used within the specified criterion.


The value of the statistic used to set the specified criterion.


A text string that the SQL statement must include. Only the first 1000 bytes of SQL statements are checked.

Parsing user

The username of the user who first parsed the SQL statement. (Other users may have executed the statement.)

Click Reset to reset the parsing user to (All users).

Sort by

Select the sort order from the drop-down list. You can choose Ascending (for example, 1 to 99 or A to Z), or Descending (for example, 99 to 1 or Z to A).

Note: If you sort by a field that is not available in the resulting grid, then no change will be made to the sorting in the grid, but the top SQL will be correctly retrieved based on the sort field in the wizard.

Per Execution

Select this option to sort the chosen statistic as a rate per execution of the SQL statement.

Maximum rows

The maximum number of statements to retrieve and display in the Top SQL page.


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