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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Getting Started Guide

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Spotlight Diagnostic Server

The Spotlight Diagnostic Server collects Spotlight data in real time. It sends that data to Spotlight Essentials (Spotlight Essentials) and your mobile device.


Setup and Installation

Click View | Options | Configure Diagnostic Server.

The Spotlight Diagnostic Server

  • Can be installed on a different computer from the Spotlight Client. It should be installed on a computer that is always switched on, so your mobile device always has access to current information. Ensure the Spotlight Diagnostic Server has access to the Internet.
  • The Spotlight Diagnostic Server is a Windows service. It runs under Windows credentials: Domain, User and Password. During installation the following Windows local user groups are created: Spotlight Diagnostic Users, Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators, Spotlight Diagnostic Read-Only. The Windows credentials will be added as a member of each of these user groups.





If the Spotlight Diagnostic Server is installed on the same computer as the Spotlight client then to uninstall click View | Options | Configure Diagnostic Server.

If the Spotlight Diagnostic Server is installed on a remote server then to uninstall it

  1. Access the computer where the Diagnostic Server is installed.
  2. Open Windows Control Panel.
  3. Select Programs and Features.
  4. Click Spotlight Diagnostic Server for Oracle | Remove | Yes.


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