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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Getting Started Guide

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Oracle Parameters for Predictive Diagnostics

Without the proper access to Oracle data, Predictive Diagnostics cannot make its projections on the behavior of Oracle databases. To ensure its access to Oracle data, set the correct values for these Oracle parameters.

Oracle Parameter Value

Set this parameter to ON.

If this value is not set, Predictive Diagnostics cannot collect data on memory utilization.


Set this parameter to TYPICAL or ALL.

If statistics_level is set to BASIC, Predictive Diagnostics cannot collect data on disk latency, disk throughput, active sessions, or memory.


Set this parameter to TRUE.

If timed_statistics is set to FALSE, Predictive Diagnostics cannot collect data on disk latency or disk throughput.

You can set Oracle parameters in the Spotlight on Oracle Configuration & Memory | Oracle Parameters Page.


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