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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Getting Started Guide

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Data Refresh Rates

Data is collected from monitored connections at foreground rate or background rate. Use this page to quantify foreground rate and background rate.

To set the rate at which data is collected

  1. Select View | Options.
  2. Select Data Collection | Data refresh rates.
  3. Set values as appropriate.



    Collect data at the following rate when it is being displayed

    Enter a value. This value quantifies the foreground rate.

    While you are viewing a page in a Spotlight window, Spotlight collects the data that is displayed at the foreground rate.

    Collect data at the following rate when it is being collected in the background

    Enter a value. This value quantifies the background rate.

    Data that is reported in a hidden window is collected at the background rate.

Note: To improve the performance overhead for individual Spotlight connections, you can vary the data collection rates for a connection as a whole, or for individual components within that connection.


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