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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Getting Started Guide

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Connection Properties - Overhead Page

The queries that Spotlight uses to collect data from a Spotlight connection can place an additional load on the monitored system.

  • Simple queries that retrieve small amounts of data have little impact on the performance of the monitored system.
  • Most Spotlight queries consume a measurable but not significant amount of system resources.
  • Queries that are complex or collect large amounts of data may put a significant load on the system.

The controls on the Overhead Management page allow you to adjust collection rates for different categories of Spotlight data, and so limit the load that Spotlight places on the monitored system.

Notes: Use this page to change the overall settings for the connection. To change the settings for a Spotlight component use the Component Properties editor. Component Properties - Overhead Page

To open the Connection Properties dialog, Overhead page

  1. Locate the connection in the Spotlight Connection Manager or the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Right click the connection and select Properties | Overhead.


  1. Select the connection in the Spotlight Browser Live connections.
  2. Select Tools | Performance Settings

    or click .

About the Spotlight overheads dialog



Overhead Impact slider

Drag the slider to one of the standard overhead settings:

  • Higher impact - Spotlight collects more data but may put a higher load on the system.
  • Medium impact - Spotlight collects less data or collects it less often.
  • Lower impact - Spotlight puts a minimal load on the system while still collecting essential data.

Accompanying text further defines the data collected under each overhead setting. The definitions are dependent on the connection type. The criteria may include:

  • The kind of data being collected
  • The load that collecting the data will put on the system
  • Where the data in the category is to be displayed
  • The importance of the data
  • How often the data is needed

Note: The slider is not displayed if a component in the connection already has a custom setting. Click Restore default to remove all custom settings.


Click to select a collection rate for each available category of Spotlight data. Custom Connection Performance

Restore default

Click to remove all user-specified collection rates. Revert to Spotlight default settings. Data Refresh Rates

Make this the default setting for all new connections

When selected, all new Spotlight connections collect data at the rates defined in this dialog.


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