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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Getting Started Guide

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Note: Available for Oracle 10.2 and later.

In an Oracle database, a bottleneck occurs when the speed at which the database can process data is greater than the ability of the system to deliver the data for processing.

You can use the Impending Bottlenecks - Timed Statistics page to investigate the categories of timed statistics that can signal bottlenecks. The categories are:

  • CPU
  • Cluster - Cluster coordination
  • DB buffer - Buffer busy
  • DB buffer - Free buffer
  • DB buffer - Other DB buffer
  • Disk I/O - Control file I/O
  • Disk I/O - DB file parallel read
  • Disk I/O - Datafile write
  • Disk I/O - Direct path I/O
  • Disk I/O - External file I/O
  • Disk I/O - Free buffer
  • Disk I/O - Multi-block read
  • Disk I/O - Single-block read
  • Latch - Latch
  • Lock - Lock
  • Network - Network
  • Other - Flashback buffer
  • Redo - Archival
  • Redo - Log buffer
  • Redo - Log switch
  • Redo - Log write


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