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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Spotlight Drilldown Pages

A drilldown contains one or more pages that display a detailed breakdown of the monitored system's performance.

To open a drilldown

  1. Select a connection from the Spotlight Browser Live connections or History Browser.
  2. Click the relevant drilldown button on the Spotlight toolbar. Drilldown buttons are dependent on the Spotlight application:

About Spotlight drilldowns

Drilldowns mainly use two different types of displays – tables and charts.

About Spotlight Grids

About Spotlight Charts

Drilldowns have the following features:

  • They can be configured to show all or some of the metrics associated with components.
  • You can access further information about displays in drilldowns by moving the mouse over the displays, or by clicking or right-clicking on them.
  • You can copy the data shown in drilldowns to other applications or save it to a file.

Tip: To close a drilldown and return to the Spotlight home page, click View | Close Drilldown.


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