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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Resources Page

Note: Available for Oracle 10.2 and later.

The Services | Resources page show recent statistics for the resource loads associated with the services deployed on the Oracle RAC cluster.

To open the Resources page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle RAC connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Services | Resources.

  3. Select a Service to view the resources for.

Charts on the Resources page


  • Every chart has a legend (list of symbols) to its right that describes the various series (line graphs) on the chart.
  • Click an item in the legend to highlight its series (line) in the chart. Click a second time to return the series to its normal appearance.
  • Move the mouse pointer over an item in the legend to view the current value for that series within the chart.
Chart Description
CPU Utilization

CPU Utilization shows the rate (in milliseconds per second) at which CPU time has been consumed by each service for the Oracle RAC cluster. Among the services deployed are:

  • A default Oracle database service.
  • The internal SYS$BACKGROUND service used by background processes.
  • The internal SYS$USERS service for user sessions not associated with an application service.
DB Time DB Time shows the rate (in milliseconds per second) at which elapsed time is spent in database user calls by the specified services for the Oracle RAC cluster.
Logical Reads

Logical Reads shows the rate (in IO/s) of logical reads by the specified services for the Oracle RAC cluster.

A logical read occurs when Oracle finds data in the local buffer cache of an instance without needing to read the data from physical disk.

Physical Reads

Physical Reads shows the rate (in reads/s) of physical reads by the specified services for the Oracle RAC cluster.

A physical read occurs when a database instance retrieves data from datafiles on the shared disk subsystem, and occurs every time a logical read fails to find the requested page in local or global cache.


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