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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Overhead Page

The Overhead page shows user details for wait events for the Oracle RAC Cluster in the Cluster coordination category.

To open the Cluster Overhead page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle RAC connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Cluster | Overhead.

Note: Click ActivityWaiting Events Page to show wait events in other categories.

Actions on the Cluster Overhead page

Data Description

This is fixed to cluster coordination.

Wait Event Analysis Choose an option from the Wait Event Analysis list to display details about a specified type of waiting event.
Predictive Diagnostics (if available)

How will the selected category of Waiting events ("bottlenecks") affect future database throughput and response time? View Spotlight's Predictive Diagnostics analysis (if available). Impending Bottlenecks - Timed Statistics

Charts on the Cluster Overhead page

Chart Description
Wait Activity

The historical Wait Activity chart displays the rate at which waiting events occur (measured in milliseconds waited per second) over the specified period.

Series in chart Description

CPU Time

The total rate of all CPU-related wait events.

Other Categories

The total rate of all wait events that are not CPU-related, and that are not shown under Current Category.

Current Category

The rate of cluster coordination wait events.

Current Event

The rate of wait events of the category specified in the Wait Event Analysis drop-down list, excluding those shown under cluster coordination. (This series is hidden if <All> is specified.)

Wait Histogram

The Wait histogram displays the number of wait events of a given duration (measured in milliseconds).

For example:

  • The bar labeled 1 is the number of waits shorter than or equal to one millisecond in duration.
  • The bar labeled 2 is the number of waits longer than one millisecond and shorter than or equal to two milliseconds.
  • The bar labeled 4 represents the number of waits longer than two milliseconds and shorter than or equal to four milliseconds
  • ...and so on.

Cluster Overhead Sub Pages

The Waiting Events Information sub-pages display tables that provide more detailed information about the waiting events. The pages are:


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