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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Open Ports Page

The Open Ports page is not available if the Windows SNMP protocol is not installed on:

  • The Windows machine under diagnosis, AND
  • The machine running the Spotlight client.

Enabling the SNMP Protocol

The open communication ports on a Windows machine are not necessarily in use. They may be the inadvertent consequence of a now-stopped service or some other application, or they may have been opened by a virus.

The Open Ports page on the Network drilldown summarizes the status of all the communication ports on the machine under diagnosis. Each row in the table (grid) represents an open port, and the columns in the grid display the properties associated with it.

To open the Open Ports page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Windows connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Network | Open Ports.

Note: In the Open Ports page, the term local refers to the Windows machine under diagnosis. Remote refers to any machines connected to a port on the diagnosed (local) machine.

Column Description
Protocol The communication protocol associated with the open port (for example, TCP or UDP).
Local Address The address of the diagnosed machine.
Local Port The registered name of the port on the diagnosed machine, if available. Otherwise it is the number of the port on the diagnosed machine.
Remote Address The IP address of a remote host connected to the specified local port.
Remote Port The port number by which the specified remote host is connected to the local port.
Status The current status of the network connection between the two machines (for example, Listening, Established, or Time_wait.)


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