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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Latch Tuning Configuration Dialog

Use Latch Tuning Configuration to specify the settings you want to use while optimizing the value of the SPIN_COUNT parameter to improve the throughput performance of online transactions.

To open the Latch Tuning Configuration Dialog

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Tuning | Latch Page | Latch Tuning Progress Page.

  3. Click Start Optimizing.

Controls in the Latch Tuning Configuration Dialog

Control Description

Spin Count parameter

Use Minimum and Maximum controls to enter your start and end values for SPIN_COUNT. Spotlight will begin by using the Min value, and will increase that value at regular intervals until it reaches the Max value.

Optimization Goal

Use this option to specify which value you want use as a measure of optimum performance:

  • The number of process calls per second
  • The number of successful latches obtained per second


Choose this option if you want to use either of the displayed constraints:

  • Minimize CPU while maintaining throughput.
  • Minimize latch free wait time while maintaining throughput.

Adjust latch parameters every...

Use this option to specify how long to run you Oracle system with a current SPIN_COUNT value before increasing the value to the next level.

Cease after...

Use this option to specify how long to run the optimization process before ending it.

Maximum permitted CPU utilization

The action of spinning to obtain a latch consumes CPU resources, and the higher the SPIN_COUNT value, the higher the CPU utilization. Use this option to limit the amount of CPU used when spinning.

Confirm before saving changes to parameters.

When you choose this option, Spotlight will save the optimized value of SPIN_COUNT only after it asks you to confirm the change.

Restore defaults

Click to change the settings in this page back to their default values


Click to begin the optimization process. Spotlight will return you to the Latch Page to view the progress of the optimization.


Click to close this dialog without starting the optimization.


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