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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Installation / Data


Use the Oracle User Wizard to create a new Spotlight user (or modify an existing user) that employs Predictive Diagnostics. Spotlight will:

  • Install a Predictive Diagnostics schema on the Oracle database (or use an existing schema if available).
  • Run data collection jobs for Predictive Diagnostics at regular intervals (by default, every 12 hours for SQL performance and every 10 minutes for bottlenecks).
  • Predictive Diagnostics runs three lightweight Oracle jobs on the database under investigation (one for each diagnostic category) in order to collect the data used in its analysis.




Sample data

When you start using Predictive Diagnostics, Spotlight will take about 10 days to collect enough data to make valid predictions on the future performance of your database. During that time, you can use the supplied sample data to view Predictive Diagnostics at work. Sample Data


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