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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Connection Templates

The template file for a Spotlight application contains the information that controls the standard appearance and behavior of Spotlight connections for that connection type. Spotlight is shipped with a set of templates that are suitable for most connections.

Once a Spotlight connection has been configured and calibrated, you can save its configuration as a template for use with Spotlight connections to similar systems. Changes that are made to a template propagate to all connections that use that template, unless individual changes have already been made to those connections.

The information contained in the template includes:

  • The configuration of controls in the home page and drilldowns, including the metrics displayed and the data sources from which they are derived.
  • Calibration values for those controls.
  • The threshold values for alarms on those controls.

To save the configuration for the current Spotlight connection as a template

  1. Select the Spotlight connection in the Spotlight Browser in Live connections
  2. Select File | Save as Template.
  3. Select Save calibration to save calibration data in the template.


  • You can change the template assigned to an existing Spotlight connection. Connection Properties - General Page
  • Templates shipped with Spotlight are stored by default in Console\Templates.
  • User defined templates are stored by default in C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Quest Software\Shared\Templates
  • Template files are given extension .stx
  • Locations for template files may differ from the default in your case. Migrate (Move And Share) Connections


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