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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Apply Changes

There are five steps to use the Memory Management Page. This page documents Step 5.

Complete this step only if you want to apply your changes to the database.

To use the Memory Management Page

  1. Select A Memory Management Mode And Allocate Global Memory
  2. Review Your Changes Against The Charts
  3. Fine Tune Memory Components
  4. Review Your Changes Against The Charts
  5. Apply Changes


To Apply Changes

  1. Click Preview to open the Memory Management dialog.
  2. Review the content of the Memory Management dialog.
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard to save the SQL script that can be used to apply the changes to the database.
  4. Apply the script. For example, you may choose to paste the script into TOAD or SQL*Plus.


  • Wait until the changes you make to the database have been completed before reusing this Spotlight page.
  • To restore a Spotlight connection that has become disabled because of an incorrect minimum size, restore the size of memory components manually to their previous values, and restart the database instance.
  • When you resize memory in Manual mode, some resize operations may take a long time or even fail if sizes are set too low. If the database cannot shrink some components, you may need to apply changes by setting them in the spfile or pfile and restarting the database.
  • If you did not start the database instance by using an spfile, you may need to modify the pfile [init.ora] manually when resizing memory components.

About the Memory Management dialog

Dialog Component Description

The dialog will tell you if the database needs to be restarted for changes to take effect.

Memory Configuration

Review the selected memory configuration:

  • sga_max_size
  • memory_max_target
  • memory_target
  • sga_target
SQL Statements

Review the calculated changes to memory components.

  1. Are they actual or minimum values?

    Note: Oracle may recommend that you shrink a memory component (for example, the Shared Pool) to a value smaller than that needed by a specific database or application.

    Do NOT shrink the size of the component below that level. Modify Spotlight's recommendation instead.

  2. What is the scope of the change (memory, spfile or both)?
  3. Do you need to restart the database for any changes to take effect?

Copy to Clipboard

Click to save the SQL script that can be used to apply the changes to the database.

Close Click to close the Memory Management dialog.


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