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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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Alarm log

The Alarm Log page displays a table of logged alarms for your Spotlight connections.

To see the alarm log

Toolbar Menu Shortcut

Click View | Alarm Log.


About the alarm log grid




The time at which the alarm was raised or canceled.


The name of the Spotlight connection that raised the alarm.

Connection Type

The type of Spotlight connection that raised the alarm (for example, Spotlight on Oracle).


The alarm action that was performed.

Note: Snoozed alarms are indicated by . Ignore (Snooze) Alarms


A brief description of the cause of the alarm.


The degree of urgency of the alarm.


The name of the alarm.


Click (if available) to view more information about the alarm and help to resolve it. Spotlight Alarms

Actions on the alarm log

Click Description
Show the alarm log for the selected connection(s). Select a connection, all connections of a given type, a customized selection of connections or all connections.
Find Text

Alarm Filters - Filter by severity and age. Show snoozed alarms.

Save To File
Copy To Clipboard
Show, Hide & Order Columns - Some of the columns in the grid may be hidden by default. Use the Column Organizer to select the columns you want to see.

Alarm actions - Define actions to perform when an alarm meets pre-defined conditions.

Right click the header row and select Arrange by | Column name Sort the Grid - Sort the grid according to the contents of a column
Right click the header row and select Freeze First column Grid Properties - Options Page - Keep the first column visible while you scroll through the columns of the table.
Right click an alarm and select Show Selected Entry In | History Browser

View a historical snapshot of the selected alarm. Spotlight opens the relevant snapshot / the home page for the connection / in History mode. History Browser

Right click an alarm and select Show Selected Entry In | Alarms by Time Alarms by Time - Open the selected alarm in Alarms by Time.


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