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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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About Spotlight Charts

A chart is a component on a Spotlight page that shows data as a graphical image.


  • If there is a down arrow alongside the chart title then the chart supports more than one category of data. Click the title or arrow to open a drop-down list of all available categories. Click an item in this list to display information related to that category.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over a data point in the chart to display information about that point.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over an item (line or area) in the chart to display the name of the item.
  • When the chart is zoomed so that not all of a chart can be seen at the one time, the chart also displays scrollbars that allow you to choose the visible portion of the chart.
  • Individual toolbar buttons may not be available in all chart views.
Click Description
Zoom in on Charts
Pan Over Zoomed Charts
Set the Chart View
Filter on the Data Series
  Maximize and Restore Charts
Save To File
Copy To Clipboard

The legend lists all the data series associated with the chart. Click an item in the legend to highlight its series in the chart. (Click a second time to return the series to its normal appearance.) Move the mouse pointer over an item in the legend to view the current value for that series within the chart.

Note: Arrows at the top and bottom of a legend (if displayed) indicate that there are more items in the legend list. Click an arrow to scroll through the list.

Right click the table body and select What's This? View help specific to the chart.
Right click the table body and select Restore Default Settings Restore Default Settings
Right click the table body and select View as Grid. View the data in a Spotlight grid. About Spotlight Grids
Right click the table body and select Properties.

Adjust the chart properties:

If the diagnostic server is unable to collect the data required, Spotlight displays a small icon on the affected component. Click the icon to see more information about the problem.
  Pause / Resume / Refresh


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