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Spotlight on Oracle 10.4 - Getting Started Guide

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About Alarms, Metrics, Thresholds And Severities

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Alarms are the warnings that Spotlight raises when a metric falls outside its "normal" range of values.

A new alarm is raised whenever the severity for a metric changes. When the severity returns to normal, the alarm is canceled. You can see this behavior clearly in the Alarm log. Alarm log


A metric is a piece of information that Spotlight collects about the performance of a system. The information may be a numeric value (a number or percentage), a string of text, or some other piece of data.

Every time the Spotlight window is refreshed, Spotlight retrieves the latest value of the metric, which can then be displayed on the home page.

Use the Metrics Dialog to:

  • Select the metrics to collect for the connection / component.
  • Configure Alarm smoothing, to smooth out the anomalies and spikes that may appear momentarily in metric values. The purpose is to prevent Spotlight from reporting alarms for spikes that do not persist.


For each numeric metric, you can set thresholds — ranges of values — that indicate levels of severity for that metric.

Use the Thresholds Dialog to:

  • Select the metrics to collect for the connection / component.
  • Define the severities to apply to the metric.
  • Define the start and end values for each severity.


A severity can be used to specify whether the information returned in the metric represents normal or abnormal behavior for the system. Within Spotlight, there can be at most the following types of severity:

  • Disabled
  • Normal
  • Information
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

"Normal" indicates that the system is performing within acceptable limits. If a metric returns a value with any other severity, Spotlight raises an alarm that indicates the system is behaving outside acceptable limits.

A "Disabled" status means the system is not responding, and no information is being returned.

When an alarm is raised Spotlight performs one or more of the following actions:

  • Changes the color or intensity of relevant components.
  • Gives audible warnings.
  • Runs a program.
  • Sends email or network notifications.

You can control how that notification is issued. Alarm actions


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