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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Windows Files Metrics

Track the growth of specified files (usually log files) in your Windows system. Spotlight reports an alarm when a page approaches the maximum file size you have set.

To open the Windows Files Metrics dialog

  1. Open a Spotlight on Windows connection.
  2. Click View | Options
  3. Click Data Collection | Windows Files Metrics

About the dialog

Option Description

File list

The list of files whose size is monitored for the current connection. There are two columns in this table: the File name and the Maximum size you have specified for the file.

Note: The maximum file size listed on this page does NOT prevent the specified file from growing beyond that size. However, if the file exceeds that maximum size, Spotlight raises a critical alarm.


Click to add a file to the list of those tracked by Spotlight. Define Files to Monitor in Windows Files Metrics


Highlight a file. Click to change the settings for the highlighted file. Define Files to Monitor in Windows Files Metrics


Highlight a file. Click to remove the highlighted file from the list.


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