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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Tools | Space Manager

Tools | Space Manager

Space Manager provides a comprehensive solution for space management and reorganization in Oracle databases. Space Manager offers preventive maintenance, problem detection and resolution, and capacity planning across any number of databases.

Before you open Space Manager

  • Ensure Space Manager (version 4.5 or later) is installed on your machine.
  • Ensure you have DBA privileges for the database you are diagnosing.

Ways to open Space Manager

Location Instruction
From anywhere in Spotlight.

Click Tools | Space Manager.

From the Drilldown pages:

Disk Storage | Tablespace Utilization Page

I/O | Chains / Migrations Page

I/O | Tablespaces Page

Click .

From the Spotlight on Oracle Home Page | Disk Storage Panel Right click the disk cylinder and select Show Details | Space Manager.


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