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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Spotlight Slideshow

Spotlight Slideshow cycles through Spotlight's live connections. For each connection the current page is displayed. The time of the display is configurable.


Start / Stop the Slideshow

To start the Slideshow, select View | Slideshow. A tick is added to the slideshow menu item.

To stop the Slideshow, click again View | Slideshow. The tick against the slideshow menu item is removed.


Dependent on how the Slideshow is configured

You may configure the Slideshow to begin automatically when Spotlight is not actively in use.

You may configure the Slideshow to end when you mouse over or click in the Spotlight application or click 'x' on the Spotlight toolbar.


Configure the Slideshow

For information on how to configure the Spotlight Slideshow, see Slideshow.


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