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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Manual Oracle Drop Scripts

Running The Scripts

  • The Spotlight on Oracle drop script is in the Plug-ins\SoO\OracleScripts sub-folder of the Spotlight installation folder.
  • The Predictive Diagnostics drop script is in the Plug-ins\Ppcm\OracleScripts sub-folder of the Spotlight installation folder.


This is the basic process that you should follow when using the manual drop scripts.

  1. Optionally (only if Predictive Diagnostics objects are present), run drop_ppcm_objects.sql to drop the Predictive Diagnostics objects.


    • All Predictive Diagnostics data collected during the operation of Spotlight will be LOST. We suggest that you back up Predictive Diagnostics data before running the drop script.)
    • Do NOT drop Predictive Diagnostics objects that are shared by other Spotlight users, as the connection profiles that employ those users will no longer have access to Predictive Diagnostics.
  2. Run drop_soo_objects.sql to drop the Spotlight objects installed when the Oracle user was configured for use by Spotlight.


Running User Scripts

Run the scripts from a SQL*Plus session. (In the scripts, you will be prompted to provide the Spotlight on Oracle owner from which to remove objects.)

  1. Connect to the Oracle database as a valid Spotlight Oracle user.
  2. Run the following command[s]:

sqlplus <respository_owner>/<repository_password>@<connect_string> @<Spotlight_Home>\Plug-ins\Ppcm\OracleScripts\drop_ppcm_objects.sql


sqlplus <respository_owner>/<repository_password>@<connect_string> @<Spotlight_Home>\Plug-ins\SoO\OracleScripts\drop_soo_objects.sql


  • repository_owner - A Spotlight user with installed Predictive Diagnostics objects and tables.
  • repository_password - The password for the Spotlight user.
  • connect_string - Target database entry in the local computer's tnsname.ora file.
  • Spotlight_Home - The base directory for the Spotlight installation.


A note on Oracle versions

Oracle 10g and later: Deleted objects may be sent to the recyclebin if this has been enabled by the database; you may need to purge the recyclebin afterwards.

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