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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Getting Started Guide

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Where the control is...

Select the Spotlight control (component) to (not) apply the rule to.

How to open this dialog

From the Custom Filter Rules - Alarm Log Filter Dialog or the Alarm Actions - Alarm Log Filter Dialog

  1. Click New or Modify.
  2. Select Where the control is...
  3. Click to define the action in the Rule description pane.

Where the control is any of the following:

  1. Select Is one of the following or Is not one of the following.
  2. From the Plug-in list, select the Spotlight plug-in application (Spotlight on Windows, for example) that contains the control.
  3. From the Drilldown list, select the Spotlight page that contains the control.
  4. From the Control list, select the specified control.


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