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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Getting Started Guide

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Play a sound

Define the sound to play when the alarm condition is met.

How to open this dialog

From the Alarm Actions - Alarm Log Filter Dialog

  1. Click New or Modify.
  2. Select Play a sound
  3. Click to define the action in the Rule description pane.

Play the sound:

  1. Click to browse to the sound file on the computer.

    Tip: Click Preview to play the sound to ensure you have selected the right one. The success (or otherwise) of the action depends on your system setup. Spotlight does not monitor the success of the action. We recommend that you preview it.

  2. Select the desired Play sound option.




    Play once.

    Until the severity of the control ... returns to normal

    Play until the effected Spotlight control no longer registers an alarm.

    Until the connection severity returns to normal

    Play until the Spotlight connection no longer registers an alarm.

    Until the following condition is met.

    Play until the condition is met.

Tip: When an alarm has been triggered and the relevant sound plays continuously, you can mute the sound by clicking . This button is not shown on the toolbar unless a Play sound action is enabled.


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