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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Getting Started Guide

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Event Log Rule Editor

Create or modify the filter rules that govern when events are recorded in the Event Log drilldown.

To open the Event Log Rule Editor

  1. Open Windows Event Log Metrics. Windows Event Log Metrics
  2. Click Add or highlight a rule and click Edit.

About the Event Log Rule Editor

  1. Select one or more conditions. Selected conditions are transcribed to the Rule description window.
    • Where the Time is...
    • Where the Event ID is...
    • Where the Text is...
    • Where the User is...
    • Where the Computer is...
    • Where the source is...
    • Where the Type is...
    • Where the Category is...
  2. Refine the rule description by clicking the underlined links as appropriate. Underlined links in red must be configured to acceptable values for the rule to be accepted.

    There are three parts to the rule:

    Parts of the rule Description
    If the log item comes from…

    Select the log relevant to this log rule. The options may include:

    • System log
    • Application log
    • Directory Service log (Windows domain controllers)
    • DNS Server log (Windows DNS servers)
    • File Replication Service log (Windows domain controllers)
    • Security log
    • Any (any log)
    The conditions Selected conditions are added here.

    Do not add this log item

    Delete the recorded log item

    • Indicate when the log item should be deleted. Default is now.

    Raise alarm for this log item


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