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Spotlight on DB2 6.9.3 - Getting Started Guide

Missed Beats alarm

The Missed Beats alarm becomes active when at least one heartbeat is missed on an HADR connection. Heartbeats are messages sent from one HADR database to another at a regular interval. They are a key indicator of the health of the connection between the databases. A high number of missed heartbeats indicate the condition of the connection is poor.

The default thresholds are defined as follows:

  • Normal — The threshold for the Normal severity level is 0 (zero) missed heartbeats. This does not raise an alarm.
  • Medium — The threshold for the Medium severity level is one missed heartbeat. This raises a Medium severity alarm.
  • High — The threshold for the High severity level is more than one missed heartbeat. This raises a High severity alarm.

You can adjust thresholds to suit your environment using the Metric Editor.

What you can do

Check your network connections for problems and resolve them as soon as possible.


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