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Spotlight on DB2 6.9.3 - Getting Started Guide

Database Analysis drilldown locking tab

The Locking tab on the Database Analysis drilldown gives you an overview of lock activity on the database. Scanning the graphs and statistics on this drilldown, you can quickly detect the following locking problems on the database:

  • High rates of lock holding or waiting

  • High numbers of deadlocks, escalations, or timeouts

  • Near-or full-capacity utilization of the lock list space.

If lock problems are evident, use the Client Applications drilldown to investigate the lock activity of individual applications to pinpoint those applications that are contributing to the locking issues.


Monitor the following graphs to detect abnormal lock activity on the database:

Average Lock Wait Time ( msec )

Lock List Utilization (%)

Lock Status


Lock statistics

These lock activity counts provide more detail about any lock problems depicted in the graphs. For each activity type, you can view the count for the lifetime of the statistic (the number of occurrences since the database was activated or performance statistics were reset).

Lock Waits

Lock Escalations

Lock Timeouts

Lock Escalations, Exclusive

Lock Deadlocks Detected

Lock Wait Time, Total (ms)

Additionally, the Statistics tab shows rates based on these counts. The names for these statistics begin with Lock.


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