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Spotlight on DB2 6.9.3 - Getting Started Guide

Agents Pending Locks alarm

The Agents Pending Locks alarm becomes active when the number of agents waiting on a lock in comparison to the total number of registered agents for the DB2 instance reaches a threshold percentage. Lock waits occur for a number of reasons, including internal database contention.

This alarm has been predefined with a Low severity level. The underlying metric for this alarm can be adjusted to suit your environment by using the Metric Editor.

What you can do

The application agents could be experiencing concurrency problems. Try to identify the applications that are holding locks for long periods of time and determine the cause. One possible solution is to use small units of work (for example frequent COMMITs) to reduce concurrency issues.

Access the Client Application Analysis drilldown to identify the applications holding locks and review statistics about those locks.


  • When you change the locking configuration parameters in one partition for a database, be sure that the changes are also made to all of the other partitions for the database.


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