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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Release Notes

Log files component

Active Log component

The Active Log component provides statistics about log space utilization in the DB2 database or partition.

Required monitor switch


Displayed statistics

At each refresh, Spotlight captures the following statistics and displays them for the Active Log component.

  • Utilization—The percentage of available active log space in a database that is currently being used to hold uncommitted transactions. If the logsecond parameter is set to -1, Unknown is shown instead of a percentage. This is because that setting causes a database to be configured with infinite log space.

  • Secondaries—The number of secondary logs currently being used in the database.

  • Log Redo—The amount of log that would need to be redone to recover a database. A larger value means a longer recovery time. A very large value might indicate long-running transactions or inefficient page cleaning. To see if page cleaning needs to be tuned, check the Dirty Pages statistic.

  • Dirty Pages—The amount of log space currently used for dirty pages. These are changed pages that have not been written to disk. The statistic is a measure of the efficiency of page cleaning for older pages in the buffer pool. If the value is very large, you can tune page cleaning by decreasing the value for the SOFTMAX configuration parameter or by increasing the number of page cleaners for the NUM_IOCLEANERS configuration parameter.  


The fill graph depicts the percentage of available active log space in the database that is currently being used to hold uncommitted transactions.

Associated drilldown

Click the Active Log component to open the Databases drilldown. This drilldown provides details about database you are monitoring. The Log Status tab on the drilldown is in immediate focus to so you can examine database log parameters and log status statistics.


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