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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Release Notes

Client Application Analysis drilldown Unit of Work tab

The Unit of Work tab on the Client Application Analysis drilldown provides details and statistics about the currently executing unit of work. When the execution time for an application’s current unit of work is high ( Curr Uow Sec column in the list grid), use this tab to investigate this unit of work.

Optionally from this tab, you can start a tuning session on the SQL statement you are investigating.

Application information

These details identify the selected application whose current unit of work you are investigating:

Auth ID

App Name

Agent ID


This area shows the SQL statement that is currently executing for the unit of work.

Statement Details

These details describe the SQL statement that is currently executing for the unit of work, provide a breakdown of the SQL statement’s execution time, and show the most recently completed unit of work for the application:

Statement Type

Cursor Name

Execution Time, CPU User

Statement Operation

Agents/Max Agents

Execution Time, CPU Sys

Statement Section Number

Degree of Parallelism

Execution Time, Sort

Statement Package Name

Estimated Cost (timerons)

Previous UOW, Elapsed time, Stmt

Application Creator

Estimated Rows


Statement Activity

These statistics provide activity counts for the SQL statement that is currently executing for the unit of work and describe how the current unit of work is impacting database resources:

Sorts, Statement

Rows Deleted Internally

Sort Overflows

Rows Updated Internally

Rows Read

Rows Inserted Internally

Rows Written

Rows Fetched


Tuning an SQL statement



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