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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Release Notes

Client Application Analysis drilldown Lock Chains tab

The Lock Chains tab on the Client Application Analysis drilldown provides details about an application's lock relationships with other applications. It shows:

  • Which applications are holding locks that the selected application is waiting for.

  • Which applications are waiting for locks held by the selected application.

  • Whether locks are held by indoubt transactions.

You can use this information to determine which applications are in contention for resources.

Note: Before information can be shown in the Lock Chains tab, the lock monitor switch must be turned on.

Columns in the Lock Chains tab

All columns available for the Lock Chains tab are listed below in alphabetic order. Initially, the tab contains Spotlight's default column selection. You can choose which columns to display and organize them in any order from left to right using the Organize Columns function. This can be selected from the right-click menu for column headers.



Holding Agent ID

The application handle of the agent that currently holds a lock an application is waiting for. If the column is blank or 0 (zero) is shown, this indicates that the lock held by the agent is the top of the lock chain.

Waiting Agent ID

The application handle of the agent waiting for the lock.

Waiting Appl Name

The name of the application waiting for the lock.

Waiting Applid

The ID of the application waiting for the lock.

Waiting Authid

The authorization ID of the user who is running the application that is waiting for a lock. This is the ID that was used to connect to the database.


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