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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Release Notes

Application statistics

The following table lists all of the statistics available on the Statistics tab of the Client Application Analysis drilldown. Clicking on an item displays a short definition of the statistic. For a more complete discussion, refer to your IBM documentation.

Agent Stolen

Direct Writes to Database

Rows Inserted

Block Cursor Requests Accepted

Hash Joins

Rows Read

Block Cursor Requests Rejected

Hash Join Loops

Rows Selected

Buffer Pool Data Logical Reads

Hash Join Overflows

Rows Updated

Buffer Pool Data Pages from Extended Storage

Hash Join Small Overflows

Rows Written

Buffer Pool Data Pages to Extended Storage

Internal Automatic Rebinds

Section Inserts

Buffer Pool Data Physical Reads

Internal Commits

Section Lookups

Buffer Pool Data Writes

Internal Rollbacks

Sort Overflows

Buffer Pool Index Logical Reads

Internal Rollbacks due to Deadlocks


Buffer Pool Index Pages from Extended Storage

Internal Rows Deleted

SQL Commit Statements Attempted

Buffer Pool Index Pages to Extended Storage

Internal Rows Inserted

SQL DDL Statements

Buffer Pool Index Physical Reads

Internal Rows Updated

SQL Dynamic Statements Attempted

Buffer Pool Index Writes

Lock Escalations, Exclusive

SQL Failed Statement Operations

Catalog Cache Heap Full

Lock Escalations

SQL Rollback Statements attempted

Catalog Cache Inserts

Lock Waits

SQL Select Statements Executed

Catalog Cache Lookups

Lock Deadlocks Detected

SQL Static Statements Executed

Catalog Cache Overflows

Lock Timeouts

SQL Update, Insert, Delete Statements Executed

Direct Read Requests

Package Cache Inserts

Unread Prefetch Pages

Direct Reads from Database

Package Cache Lookups


Direct Write Requests

Rows Deleted



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