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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Getting Started Guide

Workload Management Analysis drilldown - Threshold Queues tab

The Threshold Queues tab on Workload Management Analysis drilldown shows real-time information about the each threshold queue that the Workload Manager is currently managing in your current database. These queues are means of controlling workload resources. Rather than stopping activities or connections when too much work is executing in the workload, Workload Manager can assign these entities to a queue where they await their turn to run. Queues are established when the workload reaches certain user-defined thresholds that trigger queue creation.

Threshold Queue Summary Details

The tab lists the threshold queues currently defined in your Workload Manager environment on the database. Expand a queue node to view the following summary statistics collected for the queue at each database partition:


Action Set

Queue Time Latest ( msec )


Work Class

Queue Exit Time Latest



Threshold Curr . Concurrency


Queue Size HWM

Threshold Max. Concurrency


Queue Time Total ( msec )

Last Reset


Queue Assign. Total



Queue Size Current


Information About Specific Threshold Queues

To access in-depth information about a specific threshold, click its entry and view the following sub-graph:

Queue Size -- The number of activities or connections still existing in the selected queue at the time specified on the graph.

Queue Time -- At the time specified on the graph, the amount of time that the last activity to be removed from the queue resided in that queue.


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