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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Getting Started Guide

Setting SQL Archiver options

The SQL Statement Archiver collects data in the background for static SQL statements that have executed on the DB2 instance. You can view metrics for these statements in the Static SQL tab in the Top SQL drilldown.  

The Archiver starts to collect data on static SQL as soon as you open the connection. The longer the Archiver runs, the more SQL history you can view on the drilldown. However, running the Archiver requires overhead. As a result, you might not want it activated at all times.

You can use SQL Archive options in the connection profile for a database to control whether the SQL Archiver is on or off. You can also use these options to set capacity for the SQL Archiver.

To change SQL archiving options

  1. If Spotlight is currently connected to the database or partition connection for which you are changing archiving options, right-click the connection in the Spotlight browser and select Disconnect.

  2. Click the Connect icon in the Spotlight toolbar to open the Spotlight Connection Manager.

  3. In the Connections bar on the left, click the category from which to select the Spotlight connection to the database or database partition.

  4. Right-click the connection in the list, and select Properties to open the Properties window for the connection. The Details tab on this window is in focus. 

  5. In the SQL Archive Options section, complete the following:

Archive Default Startup

To turn the Archiver on or off, select Archive SQL statements or Do not archive SQL statements, respectively.

Archive Capacity

Enter the number of distinct static SQL statements that the Archiver will collect before it starts dropping statements.

  1. Click OK to save the changes.


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