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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Getting Started Guide

Local Connections graph

The Local Connections graph provides global statistics about current local agent connections to all databases and partitions within the instance and can help you gauge a need to adjust max_coordagents . If there are more connections than max_coordagents then applications that do not have a coordinating agent are inactive until there is a coordinating agent to service that connection. Because of this, the max_coordagents can be used to fine tune the load on the database server.

Required monitor switch


Displayed statistic

At each refresh, Spotlight captures the total number of agents currently connected to databases and partitions within the instance. These values include local and remote agent connections. This graph shows only the local agent connections. The remote connections are shown in a separate graph. You can customize thresholds for the metric behind these statistics to generate appropriate alarms.

The Local Connections graph contains the following series:

  • All—Plots the total number of local agents connected to the instance at the times shown on the horizontal axis of the graph.

  • Executing—Plots the number of local agents connected and executing commands at the times shown on the horizontal axis of the graph.

Note: Hover the cursor over the series of interest to view the current value.

For related statistical information

The Statistics tab lists performance statistics for events that have occurred in the selected database. Each row in the list identifies a specific event and provides counts for the event based on these time measurements.

Associated drilldown

Click the Application connections component to open the Client Application Analysis drilldown . This drilldown provides details about the applications currently running on the instance and helps you pinpoint problem activity.


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