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SharePlex 9.2.7 - Reference Guide

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view partitions

Use the view partitions command to view the row partitions in one partition scheme or all partition schemes in a horizontally partitioned replication configuration.

For more information about how to configure horizontally partitioned replication, see the SharePlex Administration Guide.


Supported sources: Oracle
Supported targets: All
Authorization level: Operator (2)
Issues on: source system
Related commands: add partition, drop partition, drop partition scheme, modify partition


Basic command Remote options

view partitions for {scheme_name | all}

Not available

Syntax description

Component Description
scheme_name Show the row partitions for the specified partition scheme.

Show all row partitions, grouped according to the names of their partition schemes.


sp_ctrl> view partitions for scheme1

sp_ctrl> view partitions all

SharePlex parameters

SharePlex parameters control and tune various aspects of replication.

For instructions on setting parameters, see the SharePlex Administration Guide.


Descriptions of user-configurable parameters

This section describes the user-configurable SharePlex parameters. Parameters not documented in this chapter are internal parameters that should only be modified under guidance of a Quest developer or Technical Support representative.

Parameters are grouped as follows:

Configuration Parameters

These parameters are used by the SharePlex activation process. They take effect at the time that you activate a configuration file.


This parameter controls whether the hash algorithm used in horizontally partitioned replication is based on the rowid or on the block where the row resides. The default is 0, which uses the hash based on rowid. Using a hash based on the block may improve the performance of the Post process when processing tables that are using horizontally partitioned replication. To enable a hash based on the block, set this parameter to 1 and then reactivate the configuration file.


Default: 0 (disabled)

Range of valid values: 0 or 1 (enabled block-based hash)

Takes effect: for the next activation



This parameter tells SharePlex how long to wait before failing activation on a particular table. Since the table must be locked for activation, the logic is to retry the lock for a designated period of time, and this designated period of time is controlled by the SP_OCF_LOCK_WAIT_TIME parameter.


Default: 5 minutes

Range of valid values: Any positive integer

Takes effect: for the next activation



This parameter controls the default number of threads that SharePlex generates during configuration activation. It might be necessary to experiment with the number of threads to determine the optimal performance level. As an example, for a 32-CPU machine with a large disk array, 10 or more threads could show improved performance. The value for the thread count is independent of the number of tables to be analyzed.


Default: 3 threads

Range of valid values: 1 to 32

Takes effect: for the next activation


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