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SharePlex 11.3 - Release Notes

Release Notes

SharePlex® 11.3

Release Notes

Revision: 3/7/2024


About SharePlex

For over two decades, SharePlex has provided high speed database replication for mission critical database environments.

SharePlex supports a wide variety of configurations to meet different and complex data availability needs. A primary class of use cases revolves around database scaling and availability.

  • SharePlex supports reliable Oracle and PostgreSQL high-availability and disaster recovery configurations where replication maintains a duplicate database in a different location that is ready for fast, seamless fail-over and failback in planned or unplanned mode.

  • SharePlex also supports bi-directional, active/active configurations with conflict resolution for PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL and Oracle to Oracle to support horizontal scaling and strategic placement of databases near regional users.

  • SharePlex can support cross platform (Oracle ← → PostgreSQL) bi-directional, active-active replication with conflict resolution to de-risk Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations in complex Oracle environments.

  • SharePlex can improve scaling by offloading Oracle or PostgreSQL reporting workloads.

Another class of use cases involves (generally) cross-platform data movement to support application integration, database interoperability and data lake population. Examples include:

  • PostgreSQL and/or Oracle replication to Snowflake to support data warehouse/data lake pipelines

  • PostgreSQL and/or Oracle replication to Kafka for real-time streaming analytic applications

  • PostgreSQL to Oracle (or) Oracle to PostgreSQL replication to provide interoperability between systems to support database refactoring or migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

You can also use SharePlex to replicate data from Oracle source to maintain a change history database in an Oracle target. Rather than updating or deleting target rows based on the source change, SharePlex inserts a new row on the target for every source change. The result is an archive that reflects the chronological history of every change made to the source database.

SharePlex's value and versatility continue to grow with the requirements and requests of our customers. Although SharePlex is a reliable, relatively low-maintenance solution, our top-rated support team is ready around the clock to help with any trouble you may have. To get you started with your deployment, our professional services team is highly experienced and readily available.

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About this release

In this release, SharePlex supports Oracle 23c in Oracle Base Database Service and PostgreSQL Enterprise Database (EDB) 15.x as both source and target databases.

Revision History

Document Version Date Change History
2 28th December 2023
  • Added information regarding the support for Rocky Linux 8.x versions.

  • Removed information regarding CentOS Linux 8.x and added it as deprecated operating system.

  • Added information regarding the support for Oracle Linux 7.x and 8.x versions.

3 29th February 2024

Updated the licensing related information in the Licensing section.

4 5th March 2024 Added an important note regarding OLS policy configuration in the Conditions of Support - OLS section.

New Features

What's New in this Release

Database support

  • This release includes support for Oracle 23c in Oracle Base Database Service as a source and target with some conditions. See the Conditions of support section for additional information.

  • This release includes support for PostgreSQL Enterprise Database (EDB) 15.x as a source and target.

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

Resolved Issues in this release

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release of SharePlex.

Issue ID Known Issues Source and Target Component/ Feature
SPO-24805 When the Capture process fails with the missing archive log error, SharePlex is not able find the path of exception-catalog.json file, resulting in an incorrect message being shown in the event log. Oracle to Oracle Capture

While using remote capture for an on-premises Oracle database that multiplexes the redo logs, the SharePlex Capture process displays a repetitive message as an error in the Oracle query.

Oracle to Oracle Remote capture
SPO-24794 When users attempt to compare uncommitted data, SharePlex attempts to acquire the lock, but it fails with the 'ORA-01741: illegal zero-length identifier' error." Oracle to Oracle Compare
SPO-24792 The memory usage of the SharePlex Capture process has been consistently increasing due to a memory leak issue in the Capture FIOClose function within the RAC/ASM environment. Oracle to Oracle Capture
SPO-24789 The SharePlex Capture process stops with the 'Capture: Invalid condition occurred.' error when replicating toasted table data during a DML operation. PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Capture
SPO-24788/ SPO-22429 The SharePlex Poster process failing with the ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xfd while executing the DML command. Oracle to PostgreSQL Poster
SPO-24781 The Capture process experiences delays in stopping. When users attempt to forcefully stop the Capture, the Show Capture Detail output displays an incorrect Capture Current WAL LSN value. PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Capture
SPO-24778 SharePlex Poster core dumps with the incorrect length in message error while replicating data with Timestamp data type. PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Timestamp data type
SPO-24772 The SharePlex Poster process is failing when source and target have LATIN1 character set. PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Poster
SPO-24755 The SharePlex Poster process fails with the Error Poster: Missing keys. Please turn on PK/UK at the source. error when attempting to replicate data with a column name that has more than 30 characters. Oracle to PostgreSQL Poster
SPO-24753 After resyncing the table in the Capture process, the update statement goes out of sync, resulting in the row not found error. This issue is observed intermittently. Oracle to Oracle Capture
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