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SharePlex 10.0 - Installation and Setup for Oracle Source

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How to restore Oracle archive logs

If you decide to restore the archive logs to enable SharePlex to resume capture and replication, use the following procedure to determine the required archive logs.

  1. Determine the sequence number that Capture needs to resume processing from. Capture stops when it encounters a log wrap and prints a message to the Event Log (event_log) containing the redo log sequence number it needs. You also can find out this number by querying the SHAREPLEX_ACTID table and looking at the SEQNO column, as shown in the following example:

    SQL> select * from splex.shareplex_actid;

    ----- ------ -------- -------- ------------- -------------- ------------
    14 114 9757200 0 672101000 0  
  2. Query the Oracle V$LOG_HISTORY table to find out when that sequence number was archived, then copy the logs from that point forward to the source system.

    SQL> select * from V$LOG_HISTORY;

    ----- ------ -------- -------- ------------- --------------
    111 402941650 1 111 2729501 14-JUL-00 2729548
    112 402941737 1 112 2729548 14-JUL-00 2729633
    113 402941930 1 113 2729633 14-JUL-00 2781791
    114 402942019 1 114 2781791 14-JUL-00 2836155
    115 402942106 1 115 2836155 14-JUL-00 2890539
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