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SharePlex 10.0 - Installation and Setup for Oracle on RDS

Install the SharePlex service

SharePlex runs as a service on the Windows platform. The service name is SharePlex port_number, where port_number is the port number associated with that SharePlex instance.

SharePlex is not installed as a Windows service during the initial installation. You must add and start the service through the SpUtils utility.

To add and start SharePlex as a service

  1. Run the SpUtils utility from the SharePlex entry in the Programs menu.
  2. Select the Service tab.
  3. Select the SharePlex port number for which you are installing the service.
  4. Click Install. (A "Service Stopped" message indicates that the service is installed.)
  5. (Optional) Click Start to start the service.

The service is installed in auto-startup mode (start when the system starts) so that replication begins as soon as possible. To change startup status, use the Services applet of the Administrative Tools in the Windows Control Panel.

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