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Replicator 7.4 - Workflow Replication

Replicating Workflows with Express Edition

Workflow replication is available for the Replicator Enterprise and Standard editions. If you are mixing farms with any of these editions and Replicator Express edition, then you can still replicate workflows, with the following considerations:

·Workflows can only be associated and instantiated from the farms running Enterprise or Standard edition.

·Workflows can be updated through tasks on any farm. For example, in an approval workflow, you can approve a document through its task on the Express edition farm. For complex or custom workflows, this may not be possible, depending on how the workflow instance interacts with SharePoint objects that are replicated.

Queuing In-Process Workflows with Replicator

It is important to note that Replicator does not replicate entire workflows when replicating workflow actions. This means that when you queue a workflow that has already started processing, you will have to manually progress through the workflow on the target until it has reached the same state as the source workflow.

If Replicator captures the start of a workflow and any subsequent changes, then the workflow state will be the same on the source and target.

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