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Replicator 7.4 - Replicating Managed Metadata

Monitoring Content Sync Jobs

Do the following in order to Monitor current Content Sync Jobs.

1.On the Central Administration page, under "Metalogix Replicator", click Manage Map Families.
schedule sync job MM

2.To view all Content Sync Jobs for all map families, select Manage Content Sync Jobs button available on the Manage Map Family page.schedule sync job MM 7

oTo view the content sync jobs for a specific map family, select View Maps for that map family, and then select Manage Content Sync Jobs.
schedule sync job MM 8

3.The Manage Content Synchronization Jobs page allows users to manage scheduled queue jobs. This page is accessed by selecting Manage Content Sync Jobs on the Manage Map Family page. Manage Content Synchronization jobs 1

Refer to the following table for information about the Manage Content Synchronization Jobs screen.



Web Application

Displaying jobs for the selected web application.

Run Selected Job Now

Prompts the selected synchronization job to run immediately.

Remove Selected Map Job

Removes the selected synchronization job.

Job Name

The Synchronization Job's name.

Map Family Name

The parent map family name for which this job is being applied.

Map Name

The map name for which this job is being applied.


The current status of the Synchronization Job.


The type of schedule that has been configured for this synchronization job.

Next Scheduled

The date when the job is set to run next. Time shown in UTC.

Last Run

The last time the job was run. Time shown in UTC.


Selection Edit Job will open the Configure Content Synchronization Job page for this specific job, allowing users to edit the job.


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