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Replicator 7.4 - Quick Start Guide


A SharePoint network consists of one or more farms. Each farm is a collection of one or more connected computers. Each farm runs at least one web application. By installing and configuring Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint, you create a Replication Network, which replicates SharePoint content between web applications in your SharePoint environment. You can use Replicator to replicate this content between farms or within the same farm.

As an administrator, this Quick Start Guide will take you through the basic steps required for installation and configuration. Once you have completed all the steps in this guide, you will be able to evaluate the product with the use of our Metalogix Replicator Evaluation Guide.

For more detailed instructions on the installation process, please see the Metalogix Replicator Installation Guide.  

Security Certification

All external communications by the Replicator software are Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 compliant.


The following tables describe the hardware, software, and access requirements for Metalogix Replicator. If our requirement is equivalent or less restrictive than a SharePoint requirement, then we do not document it here.

Hardware Requirements




Under normal circumstances, the Replicator processor requirements are the same as SharePoint. When replicating large amounts of SharePoint content, Replicator uses a greater amount of CPU capacity. The expected load is comparable to up to 10 full time users accessing the web front end.


Replicator Basic and Standard editions require at least 1.25 GB of available memory.


Replicator Enterprise Edition requires at least 1.5 GB of available memory.


Additionally, ensure there is approximately 10 times the size of the largest file you expect to replicate in available memory.


For example, if you are using Replicator Standard Edition and expect to replicate files that are 25 MB and smaller, then you should have 1.5 GB (1.25 + 10 x 0.025) of available memory for Replicator.

Disk Space

At least 500 MB of free disk space in the %TEMP% folder of the server where Replicator is installed.


At least 20 GB of free disk space in a shared network folder for your Replicator Data Folders. This number is a rough guideline and is affected by how frequently changes occur in your SharePoint environment, how often packages are cleared, and several other Replicator configuration settings.


At least 4 GB of free disk space in SQL Server is required where the SharePoint configuration database is stored.

Software Requirements



Operating System

Any of:

·Windows Server 2022

·Windows Server 2019

·Windows Server 2016

·Windows Server 2012 R2

·Windows Server 2012

·Windows Server 2008 R2

·Windows Server 2008

·Windows Server 2003 SP1


If you are using Replicator on Windows Server 2003, then you must also install the following from

·Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.5 or higher

·.NET Framework 3.5 or higher


Any of:

·Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

·Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

·Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

·Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

·Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013

·Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

·Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

·Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

·Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007


Replicator does not support SharePoint standalone installations. The SharePoint standalone installation option includes a built-in database and restricts your SharePoint environment.


Replicator does not support the use of the built-in Network Service account as your SharePoint farm application pool account.


Any of:

·SQL Server 2022

·SQL Server 2019

·SQL Server 2017

·SQL Server 2016

·SQL Server 2014

·SQL Server 2012

·SQL Server 2008 R2

·SQL Server 2008

·SQL Server 2005


Replicator does not support any database installed automatically by the SharePoint installer. See the Metalogix Replicator Advanced Installation Guide for further details.


Ports 7357 and 7358 must be available for Replicator interprocess communication on the server where you install Replicator. If these ports are not available, then contact Support for further instructions.

Windows PowerShell

If you want to run Replicator administration commands in Windows PowerShell, then you must install PowerShell before installing Replicator.

Remote Differential Compression

To use Differencing Compression with Replicator, you must install the Remote Differential compression feature on both the first web application and second web application servers where Replicator is installed.


In Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2008 R2, 2008, and 2016 this can be done from Server Manager.


On Windows Server 2003, you must download and install the feature from

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