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Replicator 7.4 - Conflicts and Replicator

Replication Scheduling

Setting the Replication Schedule of your Map Families to 'Immediate' is the best practice in order to diminish the number of conflicts that occur. When this is not done, replication packages are backlogged for later replication, allowing for the possibility of a criss-cross in updated versions once the changes are replicated this in turn causes a conflict. If you cannot use immediate replication, then selecting the shortest possible interval, which will reduce the likelihood of a conflict.




Please note that there is still a risk of conflicts occurring when using 'immediately' as your replication schedule setting. However, the risk lies mainly with backlog and network speed issues. Choose your settings based on your network and farm needs.

Documentation Management

Good and consistent documentation policies will help reduce the risk of conflicts occurring. Checking documents in and out, and limiting permissions while documents are checked-out, significantly reduces these risks.

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