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QoreStor 7.1.2 - Installation Guide

Downloading the QoreStor Software

You can download the executable for the new QoreStor software from the Quest Support Portal by completing the following steps.

To download the QoreStor software

  1. Log into the Quest Support Portal at
  2. In the Download Software section, click See All Downloads.
  3. Under the Platform Install section, find the row containing the appropriate version of QoreStor. Click Download.
  4. Select the appropriate QoreStor installer, and click either Download Now to download the software immediately, or Add to my Downloads.
  5. If you selected Add to my Downloads, click the My Downloads icon to view your download cart.
  6. Select the software to download and click Download Selected.

Upgrading your QoreStor software using the QoreStor Command Line

To upgrade a current installation of QoreStor, complete the following steps.

To upgrade your QoreStor software using the QoreStor Command Line

  1. Download the new QoreStor executable. Refer to Downloading the QoreStor Software for detailed information.
  2. Using the appropriate utility (pscp on Windows / scp on Mac or Linux) copy the QoreStor installation files to the server.

    NOTE: You may use the Upgrade page of the QoreStor to UI to upload binaries to the QoreStor server.

  3. Set execution permission on the installation files using chmod. For example,

    $ chmod a+x qs_inst_7.1.2.278.bin

  4. With elevated privileges (either as root or with the sudo command), run the installation script according below

    $ sudo ./qs_inst_7.1.2.278.bin

    and follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.

  5. After the upgrade script completes, some QoreStor processes will continue behind the scenes. The system will not be operational until these processes complete. Run the command watch /opt/qorestor/bin/system —show to monitor the progress of QoreStor services.

    NOTE: In some instances, some DMAs may experience timeout errors when trying to access QoreStor containers after an upgrade. If this occurs, wait until QoreStor is fully online, then restart the DMA.

Upgrading QoreStor Software using the QoreStor UI

The QoreStor user interface includes the option to upload the new QoreStor binary and signature files to the QoreStor server via the browser. To upgrade a current installation of QoreStor, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the new QoreStor executable and signature file. Refer to Downloading the QoreStor Software for detailed information.
  2. In the QoreStor UI, click System to expand the menu. Click Upload.
  3. On the Upload page, perform one of the following actions:
    • Drag the QoreStor binary and signature file to the Add new binary package area
    • Click Upload binary package to open a file explorer. Browse to select the QoreStor binary and signature file and click Open.
  4. Connect to machine via ssh, launch the installer and follow the installer steps.

Migrating a DR Series Appliance to QoreStor

Starting with QoreStor 6.0, it is possible to perform an in-place upgrade that converts your DR Series appliance to a QoreStor server. This in-place process preserves your data and storage configuration, and migrates any applicable settings without the need for an intermediate staging server.

IMPORTANT: The procedures in this section are provided for reference only. To ensure a proper migration, you must contact Quest Sales to ensure proper licensing and for further guidance in the migration process.


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