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QoreStor 7.0.1 - User Guide

Introducing QoreStor Setting up your QoreStor system Configuring QoreStor settings Managing containers Managing local storage Managing cloud storage Managing replications Managing Users Monitoring the QoreStor system Support, maintenance, and troubleshooting [[[Missing Linked File System.LinkedTitle]]]

Deleting a Diagnostics Log File

To delete an existing diagnostics log file from the Diagnostics summary table on the Diagnostics page, complete the following:

  1. Select Diagnostics.
  2. Click Select to select the diagnostics file you want to delete, and click Delete.
  3. Click OK to delete the selected diagnostics log file (or click Cancel to display the Diagnostics page).

Troubleshooting error conditions

To troubleshoot error conditions that disrupt your normal QoreStor operations, complete the following:

  1. Generate a QoreStor diagnostics log file bundle if one has not already been automatically created.

    For more information, see Generating a diagnostics log file .

  2. Check the system alert and system event messages to determine the current status of your QoreStor system.
  3. Verify if the QoreStor system has recovered or whether it has entered into Maintenance mode.
  4. If you cannot resolve the issue using the information in this QoreStor documentation, contact Quest Technical Support.

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Managing QoreStor Remotely

QoreStor leverages the Quest Global View Cloud to provide a detailed dashboard of all of the QoreStor and DR Series systems in your organization. With this dashboard, you can easily monitor and manage all of the QoreStor and DR Series systems in your enterprise through one view.

To view QoreStor and DR Series systems on the Global View Cloud, you must register the system with the portal and enable remote management. See the topics below for more information:

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