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QoreStor 6.1.0 - User Guide

Introducing the QoreStor documentation Introducing QoreStor Setting up your QoreStor system Configuring QoreStor settings Managing containers Managing storage groups Managing replications Managing Users Managing QoreStor Remotely Monitoring the QoreStor system Support, maintenance, and troubleshooting

QoreStor Statistics

The QoreStor Stats menu provides access to QoreStor system statistics. The QoreStor Stats menu includes the statistics listed below:

  • System
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Container
  • Storage Group
  • Replication
  • Cleaner
  • Clients
  • Servers
  • Seed

Using the QoreStor UI

QoreStor offers a web-based user interface that you can use to configure, manage, and monitor your QoreStor system. You can use the QoreStor UI to perform tasks such as:

  • Configure containers, storage groups, and cloud storage groups
  • Add and manage replications
  • View system information and monitor performance
  • Manage user accounts
  • Generate and download diagnostic bundles

You can access the QoreStor UI from any supported browser. Refer to Logging onto the system GUI for the first time for more information.

QoreStor UI Overview

The QoreStor UI consists of the Header pane, the Navigation pane, a Status pane, and the Operations pane.

The panes provide the functions and options described below:

Pane Description

Header pane

Provides the following items:

  • Terminal icon - Provides a quick link to the QoreStor web terminal. Refer to Using the QoreStor Web Terminal.
  • Contact Us icon - information for contacting Quest sales and Support.
  • QoreStor Alerts - lists any Alerts on the QoreStor system.
  • Current user - displays the current user account, provides the option to log out, and provides the option to switch the UI to the Light theme.

Status pane

Provides the following items:

  • Version - displays the version of QoreStor
  • System Status - displays the status of the QoreStor.
Navigation pane

Provides navigation options to:

  • Dashboard
  • Containers
  • Local Storage
  • Cloud Tiering
  • Replications
  • System
  • Diagnostics
  • Users
  • Management

Operations pane

Displays the data and dialogs appropriate for the chosen navigation option.

Using the QoreStor command line

QoreStor includes a custom shell implementation that simplifies and secures command line access. During installation, QoreStor creates the qsadmin user account with the permissions and configurations necessary to run QoreStor commands. You can access the QoreStor command line through a remote access program (such as PuTTY) or through the QoreStor UI Web Terminal.

To access the command line interface for QoreStor:

  1. Using a remote access program, connect to your QoreStor server.

    NOTE: You may also access the QoreStor command line through the QoreStor Web Terminal. Refer to Using the QoreStor Web Terminal for more information.

  2. Log in using the credentials:

    user: qsadmin

    password: St0r@ge!

  3. Enter the desired command at the prompt. To view the available QoreStor CLI commands, type help.

NOTE: Refer to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide for more information on the QoreStor CLI.

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