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Power365 Current - Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant Migration Quick Start Guide

What Else?

Now that the project is set up and discovery is complete, it is time to organize your users, configure migration options and schedule your syncs and final cutover. Follow these guidelines to set up your optional migration configurations.


There are three (3) optional but recommended configurations.

  1. Migration Profiles – Migration Profiles manage prepare, sync, and cutover options. Every User, Group, or Team has a migration profile assigned to it. There is a default migration profile everyone starts with. Migration profiles can be set or changed at any time. It is recommended that you create at least one (1) migration profile for users, one (1) for rooms/resources/shared mailboxes, and one (1) for Office 365 Groups and Teams to manage the different migration workloads. Beyond that, create as many as are required to meet the project’s needs. Click here to find out more about Migration Profiles.

  2. Migration Waves – Migration Waves can be used to organize your Users, Groups, and Teams into logical groupings so that bulk actions and schedules may be applied to the members. Migration Waves can be managed through local Active Directory Groups or directly from the application, whichever is more suitable to the project needs. Users, Groups and Teams can be assigned to a Migration Wave individually from the UI, added as a member of a local group or in bulk by uploading a list of wave assignments by Users, Groups and Teams. To find out more about Migration Waves, click here.

  3. Migration Schedules – Migration Schedules provide an optional means to schedule the start date and time of the Prepare, Sync, and Cutover activities. They also allow the Sync frequency and number of intervals to be set. Schedules are assigned to Migration Waves. More details about Migration Schedules can be found here.


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