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Power365 Current - Power365 Domain Move Quick Start Guide

I am receiving an error during the remove addresses step related to duplicated addresses. How can I locate the duplicate accounts?

Power365 replaces the email address and/or userprinciplename with the replacement domain name when the domain is removed that is under move.  If the replacement address already exists in the directory, the domain move process will generate an error and alert migration administrators.  An administrator can use the following PowerShell script to find objects that still have the domain name attached and perform any remediation needed.

Get-AzureADUser -All:$true | where { ($_.ImmutableId -ne $null) -and (($_.UserPrincipalName -like '*') -or ($_.Mail -like '*') -or ($_.ProxyAddresses -like '*')) } | select "UserPrincipalName", ImmutableId  

The remove address step cannot continue because my hybrid objects in the cloud are still associated with my domain, what should I do?

Power365 removes the domain name from hybrid users by making changes to Active Directory on-premise objects. After the objects are updated on-premise, these changes must be synced to Microsoft Azure Active Directory.  Verify the changes are correctly synced to the cloud from the Azure AD Sync log.

Can I remove Global Administrator from my account after creating my project?

Yes, however, the Global Administrator role must be added back to the account during an active domain move as it is required to remove the domain from the source tenant and add it to the target tenant.

My company security policy does not allow the global administrator role to be assigned the account, can I still move my domain?

Yes, you can use Power365 to move your domain, but you will need to manually remove the domain from source tenant and add the domain to the target tenant at the appropriate time. The Domain Move project will alert you that it is unable to automatically remove the domain due to a lack of permissions, at that point you may manually remove and add the domain.  Once you have completed these steps, you may skip to the add email addresses step by click on the Skip button.

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